Degrees 🎓

  • Master of Science in Engineering, Uppsala University (2017)
    • Specialization: Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Technology, Uppsala University (2014)
    • Specialization: Technology, Mathematics

Diploma 🏅

Electives 👨🏼‍🎓


  • Forest plots in practical use: Implementation and interpretation, Pharmetheus AB (2022)
  • Pharmacometric modeling of composite scores outcomes, Uppsala University (2021)
  • Advanced population model building and usage in NONMEM, Uppsala University (2021)
  • Clinical Trials Epidemiology, Uppsala University (2020)
  • Essential Clinical Epidemiology, Uppsala University (2019)
  • Pharmacometric Statistics, TACA Training (2019)
  • Uppsala Pharmacometrics Summer School, Uppsala University (2019)
  • Advanced Methods in NONMEM 7.5, ICON plc (2022)
  • Advanced Methods in NONMEM 7.4, ICON plc (2019)
  • Time-to-event data modelling using Monolix, University of Cape Town (2018)
  • Optimal Designs and Randomization Techniques for Clinical Trials, Uppsala University (2018)
  • The Sheiner-Rowland Advanced Course in Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, Advanced PKPD Sils-Maria, (2018)

Antimicrobial Resistance

  • The Economics of Antibiotics, Uppsala University (2019)
  • Resistance Biology, Uppsala University (2018)
  • Antibiotic Use & Human Behavior, Uppsala University (2018)
  • Antibiotic Resistance in Humans, Animals and the Environment, Uppsala University (2018)
  • Antibiotic resistance: the Silent Tsunami, Uppsala University (2018)


  • Project Management, Stockholm University (2015)
  • General Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder (2015)
  • Nutrition, University of Colorado Boulder (2015)
  • Partial Differential Equations, University of Colorado Boulder (2015)
  • Ordinary Differential Equations, University of Colorado Boulder (2014)
  • Molecular Cell Biology, University of Colorado Boulder (2014-15)
  • Finance and Accounting for Engineering Management, The Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program, University of Colorado Boulder (2014)
  • Microbiology and Immunology, Gävle University College (2013)
  • Cancer Biology, University of Skövde (2013)
  • Basic Medical Genetics, Uppsala University (2012)

Awards/Scholarships 🏆

  • The Pharmaceutical Student Union’s Study Council Award for Student Treatment (2021)

    During the spring semester of 2020, courses were taught remotely when COVID-19 began to spread in Sweden. Students experienced difficulties with remote work. Viktor approached and understood the students, brought forward their opinions to the ones responsible and stayed after hours to help the students that needed extra help with their individual projects. Thanks to Viktor’s admirable approach, the upcoming courses could be optimized for students.

  • University Scholarship: Börjessons äldre (2018)

    …for male students who are studying towards licentiate or higher degrees, [and] are distinguished by dedication and aptitude…

  • University Scholarship: Linds, Hans (2017)

    …well-mannered male student who has been registered at the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University for at least one academic year is awarded by the faculty…

  • University Scholarship: Gahn foundation for students of chemistry (2014)

Viktor Rognås

PhD student in Pharmaceutical Science at Uppsala University, Sweden